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Thermolysis, also known as high frequency or short wave, is the most modern method used by electrologists today. It is an alternating current causing a heat process. Its action is known to destroy the vital parts of the follicle and is very effective.


Here are just a few of the probable causes of hair growth:


Distortion due to heredity, a glandular defect inherited from either parent.


Distortion due to temporary methods such as tweezing, waxing, bleach and depilatories.


Glandular imbalances: if hair appears abnormal we advise our clients to see their doctor before returning.


Medications: different medications may cause a chemical imbalance. Menopause may cause a change in the estrogen level.


Hair is becoming a more noticeable problem in today's society. It has been found that people under stress often develop heavier growths of hair than they would under normal conditions.


A new disposable filament is used for each client to ensure protection against today's contagious diseases. We believe in giving our clients a clear conscience.

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