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Here are some helpful guidelines when considering your hair removal options.


• Electrolysis is the only certified permanent hair removal method. So, if you want permanent hair removal, electrolysis is the way to go.


• Finding an electrologist who is skilled, honest about sharing what to expect and dedicated to personal care is vital. You will spend months with them, so make sure you meet with them beforehand to ensure they are a not only competent but also a good fit.


• Don’t be afraid to ask questions.


• Find an electrologist who will discuss, in their professional opinion, how many treatment hours it will take to remove all of your facial or body hair. This will be a rough estimate to begin with, but with each clearing and regrowth phase, estimates will become more accurate.


• Ask if the Electrologist uses disposable needles.


• Work with your electrologist to establish a budget for the required treatments. Knowing what you can expect upfront will be important to consider. Also, it never hurts to ask if the clinic offers treatment packages at a discount rate.


• Speak with your Electrologist about your concerns and the goals you wish to achieve.


• Find an electrologist who takes the time to do a complete and thorough consultation.


• Be forewarned that sometimes the repetitiveness of the electrolysis treatment can be uncomfortable. Ask the Electrologist about topical creams such as Emla and Zensa that can be purchased over the counter at your local pharmacy(this will help minimize the discomfort).


• Once the hair has been cleared, it will be easier for the Electrologist to gauge the second growth cycle. This is a good time too ask the Electrologist about expectations of time for full removal of hair with no more regrowth.

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